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Wine fairs are held mainly in the Autumn although there are some in the winter. the last being in Jaunay-Clan in mid March.

The size and quality of the events vary but some are very good indeed. The stalls are usually grouped by wine region and in most fairs as well as local vinyards there are representatives from most of the major wine growing areas of France.

Entry is for a nominal fee - a few euro, and the tasting is free (except for the champagne for which there seems to be a common charge of €1). Go carefully as there can be up to 50 stalls at the bigger events each with a variety of wines on offer.

The bigger events also offer evening meals and entertainment and last for a whole weekend.

The supermarkets also have their own wine fairs and good promotions at this time with staff on hand to guide your selection - although tasting in the supermarkes is limited.

The proprietors use a number of local(ish) vinyards for their wine and will be glad advise.

The wines of the Poitou Charante are interesting to discover and you can find out more by clicking this link wine and then use your browsers' back button to return to this page.