First, it must be said that this attraction is two and a quarter hours from the gite. However if you are going to make a day of it, it has to be one of the best theme parks in France.

The Puy du Fou was opened near near Cholet in 1989 and is a mix of historical presentations. There are six grand daytime grand shows and you can hire headsets with the commentary in English. Each show lasts about 40 minutes.

There are ten other shows and two night time shows as well as restaurants etc.

The Sign of Triumph
In 300 ad twelve prisoners are set three tests in a Roman coliseum, to save their lives. These are against gladiators, lions and in chariots.

pic of roman arena

The Vikings
A 1000 year old fortress is attacked by a Viking Longship. The story begins with a marriage in the village, just before the arrival of a Viking Longboat. Special effects include the emergence of a Longboat from underwater, and a saint walking on the water.

pic of vikings

Le Dernier Panache
Follow the destiny of a French naval officer, a hero from the American War of Independence, whose life will change dramatically in 1793, in a last fight for freedom!

The Dance of the Birds of Prey
Dozens of birds of prey fly low over the heads of the visitors. There are many types of bird from different types of eagles to owls. At the end there are about a hundred birds flying at once.

pic of eagles

The Secret of the Lance
The Secret of the Lance relates the story of a young shepherdess who must defend alone her castle from the foreign knights, helped by a lance with supernatural powers.

pic of joan d'arc

Richelieu's Musketeers
The Musketeers perform with swords and acrobatics and Flamenco girls dancing in water. Performed in darkness, this is the only show that is staged indoors.

pic of show

Apart from the shows there are three villages in the grounds. One from medieval times, one from the 1700's and one from 1900. There are also three special areas for smaller children - Nature and animals, water and magic shows, and a puppet show.

There are two nightime big spectacles.

This is a 1 hr 40 min spectacular, set on 57 acres, with 1,200 actors. You may need to make a reservation for this and it is also not included in the standard entry ticket.

pic of show

The Music of Fire
Set on the lake, it is a sound and light show with illuminated costumes and with water and fire displays.

pic of son et luminaire

To see videos and pictures of all of these, visit the website puydufou. For youtube click here.