pic of swallow

One of our swallows

The gîte is on a major bird migration path and there a large number of different types of bird which visit the garden during the year. We have made efforts to keep parts of the garden attractive to the various birds.

We have swallows and wrens which nest in our barn and there are many in the neighborhood each summer.

We have large resident sparrow and starling populations, and in the fields and woods there is a significant population of buzzards and several other types of birds of prey. Other regulars in the garden include woodpeckers, hoopie, robin, blackbird, magpie, dove, redstart and many types of finch.

Watch the swallows taking a drink on the wing from the pool, some are better than others, some young ones take more of a bath than a drink!

Birds of Prey

pic ofbird of prey

The ancient ruins of the Bishops’ Chateau in Chauvigny is home to the Birds of Prey show. The setting, an open-air amphitheatre, offers close up views of the birds in flight..

pic of eagle

Eagles, marabous, storks, parrots, vultures, falcons, all will fly over and around you. Before or after the show, walk through the chateau’s ruins, and discover the birds in their aviaries.

For further information click this link Geantsduciel and then use your browsers' back button to return to this page. For youtube click here.

If ornithology is really your passion, try the International Ornithological Film Festival at Menigoute, held in October each year (Menigoute-festival). It is about one hour from the gîte.