Apart from the markets which have already been mentioned, there are a number of good local sources for produce for the kitchen.


Civray has two excellent bakers for your bread, croissants, pain au chocolat etc. They are pretty good at cakes also. Hint: buy your croissants in the baker next to the church and take them into the cafe also by the church for breakfast on market days.

Organic Farm

Under 10 minutes away is an organic farm. The farm has a stall in Civray markets on Fridays and the farm shop shop is open Thursday evenings. Everything grown on the farm is certified organically produced and the farmer has arrangements with other organic farms and they swap produce. The farmers wife runs a horse livery and this make a perfect arrangement for the organic farm!

The farmer is also the mayor of his village and is amongst the first in France not to use any pesticides and chemicals in public areas.

Oil Mill

A few minutes form the gîte is an small family oil mill. The mill produces olive oil, walnut oil and other nut oils in season. It's not much of a tour, but the produce is wonderful. Think about taking back a 5 litre container of freshly pressed extra virgin olive oil.

Cheese factory

There are a number of local cheese producers, one of whom, Grégoire Masse comes to the Civray market in the summer. He also sells from his farm shop on Saturday mornings. He produces a number of delicious hard cheeses and also sells wonderful milk. There is also a goats cheese producer who has a stall in the markets. She usually arrives late to the markets but there is always a queue waiting before she arrives.

pic of cheese maker

Grégoire in his fromagerie


There are a several local honey producers and this area is particularly known for chestnut flower honey. This is a medium brown, quite strong semi liquid honey. We can let you have a taste before you buy. If you like honey you will probably like this and once you do you will be coming back for more!


What could be more French. There is a snail farm about 10 minutes from us and you can, of course, buy snails in various forms from the Farm shop. They do do visits during the summer if there are enough people. There is a web site (in French) with many pictures, L'Escargouille, use your browsers back button to return to this page.


If you come at the right time of year (September/October depending on the weather), walnuts can be had, just for the collecting. Within walking distance of the gîte are many roadside walnut trees. You can take back a sack full. Over the last few years research is showing that these nuts are beneficial to a healthy diet.