pic of limoges station

The most famous town in France for its porcelain. There are several factory shops both in the center and outside the town. Also of note is the station which as can be seen is a wonderful piece of architecture.

Limoges has a number of major events during the year.

Carnival Salsa takes place 25th to 27th March this year. Carnival Salsa Festival is a mixture of carnival and Latin/Afro-Caribbean dances. The event started 12 years ago and has grown over the years to offer a the opportunity for the region to enjoy the world of talented salsa and Latin dances.

The Urbaka Festival in June each year is when the streets come alive with acrobatics, puppetry, juggling and all sorts of other street arts. The website is in French but the images are interesting.

Puces de la Cité is the large regular antiques fair held on the second Sunday of each month, held in the Place de la Cathédrale and surrounding streets - on average about 100 stalls.

Frairie des Petits Ventres in usually the third Friday in October and is an ancient food fair, when the city's butchers hold stalls along Rue de la Boucherie (Butcher Street) showing off their speciality meats and local dishes. The religious procession through town is another highlight of the day.

It is about an hour and a half from the gîte.

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