The Poitou donkey is a breed of donkey that has a thick matted and tangled coat, which originates from our region of France.

The adult male Poitou is called a baudet (pronounced 'bo-day') and is about 1.5 meters tall and the Poitou mare is called an ânesse and is about 1.3 meters.

For hundreds of years the Poitou was used solely for mule breeding, and for which it had a worldwide reputation. The Poitou was exported to many countries. By 1950 however, there was little demand for the Poitou and the effect on the breed was catastrophic. Some breeders sold or killed their herds. The Poitou donkey became an endangered species. A programme to save the breed from extinction was agreed.

The Asinerie du Baudet du Poitou donkey sanctuary was set up near Dampierre-sur-Boutonne which is about an hour from the gite.

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