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The cathedral city of Angouleme is about three quarters of a hour south of the gîte. It has had a long and rich history and it has been fought over many times. It was an important city in the hundred years war. Isabelle of Angouleme married King John of England here in 1200.

Angouleme is split into two parts. The main interesting, historical, part of Angouleme sits on a hill above the Charente and is visible for miles around. The newer, more industrial Angouleme lies behind, in the valley below. In the old part of the city you will find a maze of winding alleys and streets. The writer Balzac was here.

The main restaurant area is in the old town behind the covered marked. Traditional French, fish, Indian, Chinese and many other variations are available.

The town organises many festivals during the year. The Circuit des Remparts - vintage car racing, in September, a major food festival in November and a world festival of comic strip books in January.

The Circuit des Remparts

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This major annual gathering of vintage and classic cars is in September each year. The course is around part of the ramparts of the old town and down into the valley and has remained unchanged since the first Circuit in 1939. Best day for watching the racing is Sunday.

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The weekend starts on Friday with the Concours d’Elegance - the cars gather in the centre of Angouleme for the judging. On Saturday, if you have a pre-1975 car, you can join in the Tourist Rally, which takes you out of Angouleme on a pre-planned route. Occasional stops en route are made and lunch is available. There is a scenic drive through the surrounding countryside and vineyards. In the evening there is the gala buffet and on Sunday there are Circuit des Remparts practice sessions in the morning and racing in the afternoon.

You can watch from one of several stands and mix with the drivers in the paddock. For further information click this link Circuit-des-remparts and then use your browsers' back button to return to this page. For youtube click here.

For further information on all of these and much more click this link Angouleme-tourisme use your browsers' back button to return to this page. For youtube click here